Our Mission

J Prep Scholars is an educational initiative that strives to develop generations of young scholar-leaders who aim to achieve success in their post-secondary education endeavors abroad and beyond.


Our Vision

We are committed to help each student reach his or her potential through:


Liberal Arts

What sets J Prep Scholars apart from other jukus or test prep services is our commitment to helping students develop into critical thinkers and leaders through the liberal arts philosophy. We do not believe in strictly teaching to a test. Rather, we are committed to empowering our students with the confidence and knowledge that will help them explore their passions and succeed in their current and future academic endeavors.
J Prep Scholars offers liberal arts courses in a range of subjects in English Language, the Humanities, Quantitative Sciences and Mathematics, and the Natural Sciences. All courses are conducted in English and are led by instructors who are both experts in their fields and committed educators.

In other words, you will not learn only test-taking strategies. You’ll develop knowledge and skills that will help you long after you graduate from school.


Unrivaled Mentors

At J Prep Scholars, you will find more than just instructors. We believe in fostering close relationships between our students and mentors. Our team consist of individuals from exceptional academic and professional backgrounds with a genuine passion for teaching. We share a deep commitment to each student, making sure that their individual needs are addressed and their passions inspired.


Comprehensive Programs and Curricula

We have developed our own all-English, comprehensive curricula, courses, and programs with proven results. Our courses are flexible and adaptive to the unique needs of each student, yet rooted to provide clear guidance. Our pedagogy allows for a dynamic learning environment that engages our students to be critical thinkers and confident scholar-leaders.

Unlike other education companies, we do not rely on a single teaching methodology or textbook. We have researched and consolidated the best practices, preparation materials, and test-taking strategies in order to provide our students the most thorough approach to standardized tests and college admissions .


Data-driven Practices

The rise of big data has shaped the way we live, influencing everything from sports to business. We believe that harnessing data analytics is essential to shaping the education of our youth. At J Prep Scholars, we employ a rigorous approach to diagnostics and evaluation in order to help students with making real progress. Our very own data analysis team and in-house programs and tools allow us to accurately assess the progress of our students.

We do not rely on our gut. We use our heads.


Dynamic Learning Environments

We believe that environments play a critical role in the development of our youth. Therefore, we provide our students with smaller classes in order to ensure effective guidance. Each J Prep Scholars class is capped at 10 students so that each student receives opportunities to reinforce their skills and knowledge, participate in lively discussions, express their opinions, and receive mentor feedback.

More importantly, our intimate learning environment allows for our classrooms to become communities. Our students develop long-lasting friendships with like-minded peers from a diversity of backgrounds and interests.