Our Liberal Arts program provides middle school and high school students opportunities to engage in a diversity of subjects that will challenge their abilities in critical thinking and analysis.


Academic and Narrative Writing

The main approach followed in this class is process-based writing instruction. Students are taught the many steps required for effective composition, from idea-generation to drafting to revision and polishing. We will also look carefully at structural elements of good writing: sentence structure, development of ideas in paragraphs, and development of themes in essays. While students learn how to perfect their general writing, they will also practice with a variety of rhetorical forms and voices, discussing the unique challenges they face with each different approach.


The Great Books 

Students will read a wide variety of important Western literature in a number of different genres. Texts are drawn from such sources as the AP Exam reading list, so students are sure to read literature that is both entertaining and canonical. To equip them for the challenge of active reading, we will discuss a variety of analytical approaches to literature. We will also discuss textual elements and techniques employed by the authors we study, first identifying them, then considering how these techniques help the author to achieve various effects. As the course progresses, we will also engage in inter-textual, looking at themes and patterns that emerge.


Introduction to Physics

Students will be provided with instruction on physics. Students will gain a concrete understanding of the major concepts of physics and the ability to apply these principles and knowledge to solve problems. Subjects covered in this class include mechanics (kinematics, dynamics, energy and momentum, circular motion, simple harmonic motion, and gravity), electricity and magnetism (electric fields, forces, and potentials; capacitance; circuit elements; and DC circuits), wave and optics, heat and thermodynamics, and modern physics (quantum phenomena, atomic physics, nuclear and particle physics, and relativity). This course also prepares students for the SAT Subject Test – Physics.


Algebra, Geometry, and Beyond 

Students enrolled in this course will receive expert instruction on the following mathematical subjects: geometry, trigonometry, linear algebra, and pre-calculus. In addition, this program will prepare students for the SAT Subject Tests – Mathematics Level I and Level II and the AP mathematics exam.]


Introduction to Economics

Students enrolled in this course will be provided with an understanding of the same foundational concepts covered in introductory college-level microeconomics and macroeconomics courses. Students will also be introduced to a wide variety of other related economic topics. Subjects covered in this class include microeconomics, macroeconomics, and other topics (statistics, information asymmetry, behavioral economics, efficiency-market hypothesis, game theory, political economy, income taxation, and wealth and income inequality).